5 Ways to Leverage Product Data to Improve Customer Marketing

Most marketers today know that it’s much more cost effective to retain or grow an existing customer than to acquire a new one. Yet, many marketers remain fixated on the front end of customer acquisition, and fail to adapt their strategy to engage existing customers. Modern SaaS products can provide detailed insight into customer behavior, and an unique channel for customer outreach.

Join Gal Josefsberg, VP of Product Marketing & Management at Act-On Software and Rahul Jain, Co-Founder and VP of Customer Success at Pendo, on October 11th at 11am PDT | 2pm EDT for an interactive session on how you can combine traditional customer marketing with product usage data & communication to deliver an experience aimed at improving customer loyalty, retention, and growth.

Learn how you can:

  • Improve customer marketing campaigns by using product usage for targeting

  • Trigger upsell messaging and educational campaigns by looking at the right in-app behavior

  • Use in-app messaging as a targeted communication channel based on things like behavior, geo and other customer attributes

  • And much more!

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