How VTS Engages Users with In-App Messages

How can you consistently reach your users with relevant, communications and guidance? That’s easy. Message them directly in your application. How can you ensure that the messages your users receive is tailored to their role, experience, and usage patterns? That’s not so easy.

As an end-to-end leasing platform for commercial real estate, View The Space, Inc. (VTS) has a number of user roles they need to reach including landlords, agency brokers, and tenant reps. Josiah Wang, Product Manager at VTS, joins the webinar to share how they use Pendo to better understand the needs of their different users, and guide them with in-app messaging.

This interactive discussion focuses on best practices for:

  • Delivering contextual help in the application when and where it’s most valuable
  • Keeping users engaged with timely messages and announcements
  • Training users on complex application functions using step-by-step walk-throughs in the application

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