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May 10th, 2018

Pendorama is your platform to hear and learn about creating products that customers love. We’re bringing together product people from your city to discuss tricks, hacks, and learnings using Pendo to power successful products. Take an evening to hang out with us, share your story, and eat some pizza with your peers.

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What is Pendorama and Why You Should Go?

Everyday at Pendo we hear inspiring, out-of-the-box, and just downright cool ways that our customers are using Pendo. We think it’s time that we share those with you. No sales-pitches or conference name tags, just a relaxed platform to hear from and speak with others in your space and your city. Each Pendorama will be hosted in a different city and include sessions around different product-related use cases.

Pendorama is your opportunity to experience Pendo in your city. Join other Pendo users to network, learn from best practices focused sessions, and brainstorm ideas with your colleagues. Then, be sure to join us in Raleigh every year for our flagship event, Pendomonium.

Not sure if you should attend? If you’re in Product or UX and currently using or evaluating Pendo, Pendorama is for you. The evening will be packed with ideas as sessions will be limited to 15 minutes. Bring your team to grab pizza and drinks while hearing some of the cool things Pendo customers are doing.

If you’re an old pro when it comes to Pendo, let us know! We’re looking for speakers and organizers in your city.

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