Capture all user behavior

With a simple installation, every user activity is captured and stored for analysis. Pendo’s analytics show which features customers use, how much time they spend in your application, trends over time, and aggregate results across accounts, users, and custom segments.

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See which features are driving engagement

Features are often the building blocks of applications. A product team delivers value one feature at a time, and companies often package and price by features. So, Pendo helps provide full visibility into how your features are being used and by whom. We can help you understand what features should be retired, which ones people don’t know about, which features are keys to upselling or trial conversions, and much more.

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“Pendo feeds into our strategic decision-making. It helps us validate from a usage perspective which customers are most engaged and active.”

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Darren Card, Allocadia

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Understand how your pages are being used

Product Managers break their application into pages/screens that serve a purpose. Understand how your users and customers engage with a page — who uses it, when they use it, and how they use it. Use this data to make decisions around how to improve the effectiveness of pages.


Analyze your visitors and learn key insights

Get a rich set of analytics around the individual visitors and users of your application. Understand who your superusers are, see historical trends, see in aggregate how often they are using specific pages and features, and see at a very granular level exactly what a visitor does throughout the course of a day.

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Get your data how you want it

Export any of your Pendo data to CSV/Excel with just the click of a button, access it through our API, or pass it to one of our integration partners. It’s quick and easy to share product data across your organization.

Get visibility into account wide usage

For business applications, visitors often roll-up into the Account level (what a set of people who all belong to the same org are doing). From an account level, understand what features are being used in that account, how active the account is, and much more. This feature set is hugely valuable for not only the product team, but the sales team and the customer success teams as well.

Follow the paths and see the flow of users

Understand how your users flow through your application. Where do they drop off? How can your app be optimized to get your users to where they want to go in the most efficient way possible? Create a funnel in seconds flat, and start to get the clarity you crave.

Where Funnels help you understand the flow through a well known sequence of steps, Paths help you explore how people use your application if you don’t already know. For example, from a given page, where do people go next? What features do they use next? How did they get to this page or feature? With Pendo, you can quickly and easily set up Paths and get the answers you want.

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