In-App Messaging & Guides

Personalize and Simplify the Product Experience

Pendo in-app guides allow product teams to highlight new features, drive desired behavior, and provide in-context support across all screens and devices. Personalized guidance offers users help when and where it’s most needed. It simplifies the user experience, and improves overall usability of a product experience.


Pendo in-application messages and guides are designed to look like a native part of your application—they inherit your look and feel by default. You can design guides using templates, a WYSIWYG editor, or through custom HTML/CSS. For mobile apps, guides are created through a simple step-by-step wizard, and are easily deployed to your native mobile apps without coding or app updates.


Pendo lets you target messages and guides based on customer usage, feedback, or demographics. Want to show a message only to users who are administrators that haven’t used a specific feature in 30 days? We can do that.


Pendo provides multiple visual treatments for messaging and guides across both web and mobile screens. Pop-up messages are a powerful way to capture a user’s attention for global announcements, and are an easy way to feature video or other media. Banners are great for NPS surveys, and subtle announcements. Tooltips allow you to highlight an element or feature in the interface. Mobile push notifications? engage users outside of the app, and can drive them to specific areas or landing pages within the app.


Pendo lets you easily measure the reach and effectiveness of in-app messages and guides. Product teams can see how many targeted users have seen a particular message or guide, and how specific guides have driven feature use. For multi-step or combination guides, Pendo provides detailed usage data on each step as well as completion rates.

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Key Features

What’s New

Announce new features directly in your app.

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User Segmentation

Segment users for targeted messaging.

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In-App Messaging & Guides

Engage and guide your users.

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Understand and guide users of mobile apps.

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Surveys & Polls

Capture user feedback right in your app.

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Product Walkthroughs

Show new users how to get the most value.

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See how usage patterns impact NPS scores.

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Engage and guide your users.

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Funnels & Journeys

See how users progress and convert.

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