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Target In-App Announcements for Users Who Will Care the Most

Make Sure Customers Are Aware of All the New Updates and Features You’re Rolling Out

By sharing announcements directly in your app, you can reach users when they’re active and most receptive. Take advantage of Pendo’s detailed segmentation to target announcements, like sharing admin features only with admins or bug fixes with users of a specific feature.

Ensure Your Announcements are Timely and Visible

In-app announcements must be obvious yet unobtrusive. With Pendo, you can share announcements as a subtle notification or tooltip that doesn’t interfere with user activity. You can customize every aspect of the announcement, from basic fonts and colors to full HTML and CSS control to match your product. Also, Pendo lets you schedule those announcements ahead of time to coordinate with your product launches.

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Key Features

In-App Messaging & Guides

Engage and guide your users.

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Product Walkthroughs

Show new users how to get the most value.

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Product Analytics

Understand how users engage with your product.

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Announce new features directly in your app.

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Surveys & Polls

Capture user feedback right in your app.

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Understand and guide users of mobile apps.

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What’s New

Announce new features directly in your app.

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User Segmentation

Segment users for targeted messaging.

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See how usage patterns impact NPS scores.

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