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Pendo in-app guides allow product teams to highlight new features, drive preferred behavior, and provide in-context support. Contextual, personalized guidance provides help when and where it’s needed, simplifies any user experience, and improves overall usability.

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Smart targeting

We enable you to target a guide based upon customer usage, feedback, or demographics. Want to only show a guide to a user who is a administrator and has not used a specific feature in 30 days? We can do that.

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“It’s really easy to put a guide out there targeted to all the customers who haven’t adopted a feature. In some cases we saw a 1000% increase in feature stage in a week after pushing a guide.”

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Todd Meyer, Infusionsoft

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Part of your app

Pendo in-application messages and guides live in your application, so they inherit your application’s look and feel by default. You can use your CSS tags in your guides to style them. It’s as if you built them yourself.

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Multiple display options

Some times you want to interrupt the user — and some times you don’t. Pendo provides rich options for when to activate a Guide for a user. Guides can show automatically, be present in a widget (we call the Launcher), or can be activated via a tooltip badge in the product.

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Enterprise workflow

Our messages live in your product and are potentially viewable by all of your users, so we take their deployment seriously. Pendo provides the ability to collaborate and hone guide content as a team. Then you can post a guide to a staging server to test the guide’s content and behavior. Once ready, guides can be published to your production application with a single click.

Anyone can create guides

Apply consistent formatting and create guides quickly with guide templates. Lock in the look and feel while allowing your team to customize text and images in a simple form-field interface. With Pendo, anyone can create great-looking guides.

Rich visual styles

We provide 3 primary visual treatments for in-application messaging and guides: tooltips, banners, and lightboxes. Lightboxes are a powerful way to catch a user’s attention for global announcements. Banners are great for NPS surveys, and subtle announcements. Tooltips allow you to highlight an element or feature in the interface.


You can group guides (any type) to make a walkthrough guide that helps tell a story to a user. By supporting the ability to advance a walkthrough based on application usage, they can help a user accomplish a task. Walkthroughs are awesome ways to educate users about your product and help them get more engaged.

Guide analytics

Measure the reach and effectiveness of in-app messages and guides using our guide analytics. We provide insights into the viewership of a guide and their disposition, how many targeted users have seen a guide, and how guides have driven feature use. For multi-step guides, we provide detail usage of each step as well as completion rates.

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