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Pendo is incredibly easy to install. Simply cut and paste a small JavaScript snippet into a common header or footer of your application. That’s it. Pendo immediately begins capturing all user events. No additional coding is needed. Feature tagging, analytics, user polls, and in-app guides can all be configured and deployed using the Pendo interface.

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Instrument in-app

You don’t need your engineers to instrument pendo. The setup is done from any web browser. You load up your site inside of Pendo, and from there you can tag your pages and features to your heart’s content. No more waiting to schedule engineering time, and waiting weeks to get data. You now have control of your own destiny.

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“With Pendo, we know exactly what drives usage and, when we add new features, we can quickly see if they get adopted or not.”

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Salesforce Integration

You spend a lot of time maximizing your data in Salesforce. Leverage your Salesforce data and sync to Pendo for easy set-up. Accounts and contacts can be pulled into Pendo directly from your Salesforce account. Then, slice and dice your product data based on your Salesforce attributes, and use it to create guides targeted at specific visitor segments. Push product usage data back into Salesforce to trigger offline actions and workflows.

Gainsight integration

Product data and the ability to deliver in-app messages can be big help to your customer success efforts. By integrating Pendo with Gainsight you can add KPIs like time in app, feature usage, and login frequency to customer health scores. You can use your product for 1-to-many customer communication by tailoring customized help, messages, and NPS surveys directly in-app.

Segment Integration

If you’ve already instrumented your application with Segment, Pendo’s integration provides an easy way to install Pendo. Using the integration, Pendo can be added to your application without any additional JavaScript, allowing you to simplify your codebase and get up and running with minimal development effort.

Capture everything

After installation we automatically capture every user interaction. This includes every page view, every link clicked, every focus event, every element your customers interact with, without any additional instrumentation. We do not capture anything a user types, so you don’t have to worry about those thorny issues.

Igloo integration

Integrate Pendo with Igloo to optimize personalized employee onboarding, and improve employee engagement within your corporate intranet. More and more employee interactions are digitally driven. By instrumenting your Igloo community with Pendo, you can easily keep employees informed, and deliver a better digital employee experience.

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Zapier integration

Pendo’s Zapier integration provides an easy way to trigger actions outside the Pendo platform based on product data — like sending an email to users who haven’t logged in for a while. Using this integration, you can pass any data from a Pendo visitor report to other supported applications in Zapier.

Historical data

Pendo grabs all behavioral data, all of the time from your app. Because of this, you have everything from the time you first install Pendo. If two months down the road you want to tag a new feature, Pendo will analyze all of the historical data to instantly give you the answers you crave.

Single page app support

Pendo was built from the ground up for web applications. Because of this, we handle all sorts of web apps with ease, including single page apps and common frameworks like AngularJS, Ember, and Backbone. You can track feature usage, create guides, and more for single page apps as well as multiple page applications.

Dynamic URL support

We are well aware that some web applications have some strange URLs. We’ve seen it all, and we can handle it all. Be it URLs that need certain pieces to be wildcarded and ignored to aggregate data (such as or URLs that have dynamic but valuable components in them that you want to be pulled out and counted, we handle it all with ease.

Custom metadata

With Pendo, you can pass in any type of metadata around your customers that you want, and be able to use it to slice and dice data, or target in-app messages. So for example, you can pass in that a user is an Administrator, or an account is a Gold account. You can then look at feature usage by just Admin users or target an in-app message to only Gold accounts.

Segment your users

Segments are a powerful feature in Pendo that allows you to group your customers into types (for example, just new users, or just your “platinum” users), and then analyze their usage. You can easily create segments from a large range of data types, allowing you to segment based on usage, browser, first visits, and many more data points. And these segments can then be used throughout Pendo to gain unique user insights and personalize the end-user experience.

State-of-the-art blacklisting

You likely don’t want usage from internal users to affect your data (and decisions). So, Pendo has a very rich set of blacklisting (or whitelisting) functionality including: blacklisting by hostname (such as, IP address, visitors and accounts. And even better, the blacklisting is historical and instant.

Technical Guide

Getting Started with Pendo

Download our engineering guide for best practices on deploying, configuring, and managing Pendo within your application.

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