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Great product experiences don't happen by accident. They're crafted with data.

Inspiring product love requires deep insight into how products are used and how customers realize value. Without adequate tools, many product teams base decisions of the loudest voice in the room rather than the voice of the customer and the product value customers actually derive.

Usage Insights Designed for Product Teams

Pendo shines light in the darkest corners of your product, illuminating usage patterns to answer your most pressing questions.

  • How many users do I have and how active are they?
  • What accounts do they belong to?
  • What features do they use and how often?
  • How efficiently do they complete tasks and where do they struggle?
  • How do they journey through the product?
  • How do their behaviors vary across different user segments?

We try to always back up our strategic decisions with data - whether that’s market data, user research, or product data. Pendo feeds into our strategic decision-making. It helps us validate from a usage perspective which customers are most engaged and active, and helps us prioritize support for this strategic customer segment.

— Darren Card, Director of Product Management

Capture the All Important “Why?”

Product usage data answers the what, but not the why. Alone, usage data doesn’t reveal user sentiment or motivation. That’s why Pendo integrates user feedback with analytics for crucial context into observed user behavior. Pendo helps you answer questions like:

  • Which features are used by my happiest customers?
  • Why aren’t certain features used?
  • What causes users to abandon a process?

Build Products That Customers Will Love

With better insight into usage, you can focus resources on the highest-value features - more effectively prioritizing roadmap decisions, and addressing UX issues that cause the greatest user frustration.

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