In-App Messaging

Improve engagement and retention rates

In-app messages delivered at the right time and in the right context are very effective in communicating with your app users.

Whether it’s a video that promotes a new or existing feature or a message that encourages registration and app upgrades, Pendo’s in-app marketing platform allows you to quickly and easily test and launch in-app messages to your customers inside the app.

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Use real-time personalization and add value

Pendo’s in-app messages allow you to fully customize all message elements, text, images, font, etc. and create the most relevant message for your user segment.

Our automated in-app engagements allow you to display contextual and relevant offers based on past user behavior in the app. The more relevant the message, the higher your engagement and retention rates, loyalty and LTV.

For example a telecom app might take advantage of an opportunity to cross-sell by offering a travel insurance to users who’ve just purchased an international call package. This user segment would receive an in-app message with a deeplink to more information about that offer.

Agile and Iterative

Mobile moments are scare and fleeting. That’s why you should experiment not only with images and text, but also with message type and timing to find the optimal time and way to communicate with your users inside the app. Pendo lets you test and measure the performance of different types of campaigns against your goals.

For example, an airline app would like to promote a new service to pre-order meals before flights. You can test whether a video or a text in-app message promoting the new service have the best performance.

You can also experiment with when might be the best timing to promote this message to your users. It could be either once a user orders the flight or when they are already in the airport.

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