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Pendo helps customer success professionals analyze customer usage and scale personalized outreach to improve onboarding and reduce the risk of churn

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Keep Your Onboarding Fresh

You’ve completed initial onboarding. Your customer knows how to use your product! It’s time for a pitcher of margaritas and a nap in the hammock. Oh, but wait…there’s so much more. The onboarding party doesn’t stop.

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Onboarding different customer types

For many teams, addressing onboarding at all is a great accomplishment. But once you have dipped your toes into that warm water, what’s next? How about wading in the nuances of different types of onboarding.

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The Secret to Customer Success Is in Product Success

At the heart of all customer success issues is making sure that customers are getting value out of the software they have purchased.

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Detailed user segmentation yields new insights

“We segmented accounts based on their NPS responses. People that went through the onboarding process more quickly were clearly happier. This caused us to double-down on accelerating that process for our customers.”

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Personalized outreach at one-to-many scale

Tailor targeted help and messages to your customers directly in your application based on their profile, usage, or even survey responses. Reach customers when they’re more receptive with content that is more relevant to them.

Really actionable customer insights

Nothing is a better indicator of customer health than in-application behavior. Roll user behavior up to the account level to identify your most active customers, and get in front of those at risk for churn.

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Best Practices for Amazing Onboarding

Onboarding is about building an experience around users which becomes an extension of your product, not a clumsy add-on. Read this whitepaper to learn 5 best practices you can leverage today.

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