Contextual, relevant help when and where customers need it

Pendo helps support teams reduce tickets and increase user satisfaction with in-app tooltips, walkthroughs, and guidance

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Pendo Integration with Zapier

With “smart” in-application guides, Pendo customers can serve up contextual help, walkthrough tutorials, or reach out for feedback based on user behavior in their applications. But what about customer outreach or interactions outside of the application?

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Building a Guides SWAT Team

Guides are awesome! At least that’s how we feel about them here at Pendo. But who decides what is the right amount to publish, and how do you manage the publishing process?

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Onboarding, Progressive Disclosure, and Your Brain

Progressive disclosure defers advanced or rarely used features to a secondary screen, making applications easier to learn and less error-prone.

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In-app walk-throughs accelerate user training

“We deployed a walk-through for our new ‘Scheduled Reports’ page that showed users step-by-step what had changed in the page. It had 30% completion rate, and we received 0 complaints or support tickets about the new design.”

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Help users when and where it’s most effective

Provide “how-to” guidance directly in your application for features that generate the most support requests. Help users be more successful, and reduce the number of support tickets.

Step-by-step training for complex tasks

Walk users through the application just like a support call or training session. Easily tailor support content for different accounts or user roles.

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Getting Started with Pendo

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